(whatever happened to) What's​-​Her​-​Name

from by 4H Royalty



One night, one summer
Out at the railroad bridge
It was assumed I'd make a move on her, but I never did
I was green, I was afraid
We just talked, and threw rocks at the passing train

Then I walked her home too late
and no one ever saw her again
No one around here ever saw her again

The few things she told me that night
Didn't sink in at the time
She said her father ran a militia
and she never knew her mother

Home was a room at her uncle's motel
Half a mile off the highway

I asked her what she wanted to be someday
and she just laughed at me

She laughed and asked me, “What's that supposed to mean?”

That was so many years ago
I can't trust what remains
But, I still wonder whatever happened to what's-her-name

Funerals and weddings – about all that brings me back here anymore
I saw her uncle at the tavern
There was a Grand ol' Party sticker on his breathing machine
I bought him a beer, and I asked him about her

He said, “Last I heard, she ran off with a boy
who played a red guitar in a white power band.

Who plays the blues on a red guitar in a white power band?

When something like that is the last you heard
That may be the last there is
You learned enough growing up here to know why

I'm the same as you, I only got to know her for a little while back then
But, I wonder from time to time
Does she still have that home-schooled look in her eyes?”


from Liars & Outliers, released September 13, 2013



all rights reserved


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